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    • Better than a demo; it's the full game
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    Trucks & Trailers puts your driving skills to the ultimate test with over 50 individual truck driving challenges. Choose from 7 available trucks, work with a wide variety of cargo.

    Compete against the clock to complete intricately designed courses and tasks that put you firmly into the driver's seat. Can you avoid obstacles whilst reversing a trailer? Do you have the lateral thinking required to sort a series of trailers in the yard into their correct positions?

    The demo contents is 100% the same as the CD version of the game, and the download is free, but it is limited to 30 minutes of game play. Use this time to see if you like the game, and to check whether it is compatible with your computer.

    You can turn this free demo into the full-featured game by simple credit card purchase.

    Trucks & Trailers